Shut down " JUSTiN'S WORLD " Youtube Channel!

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Help us shut down this disrespectful and slanderous YouTube Channel!

From the article   YouTuber continues insulting BLINK and ARMY, calling BTS members “women”, the YouTuber known as JUSTiN'S WORLD has made some of the most racist and slanderous remarks against the kpop groups BLACKPINK and BTS in order to get attention. He called BLACKPINK "hoes" and he called Rose a "slore". To make matters worse in what he claimed was an apology in his video of BP, he made further racist comments against BP and even mocked them by attempting to sing like they did. 

That's not the end of his slander. Here are some comments that he made against the fans of BP:

  • “Who even sits and types this bulls%$it? You need to be smacked. Everybody at the BLINK office, I just want to line up and single file slap the s*%t out of each one of them. I’mma double hands smack you.” — Justin’s World
  • “To all you BLINK fans posting comments telling me to f*%$ myself, die, go to hell, displaying a bunch of head-assery, f#*% you. F*%# all of you.” — Justin’s World

JUSTiN's WORLD has spread racist, violent and vulgar remarks against the kpop groups and their fans. If his channel continues posting videos containing such content, he will make YouTube a toxic environment both for kpop fans and for other YouTube users.

He must not be allowed to continue like this. Fellow Blinks, Army and other Kpop fans, we must fight to terminate this YouTuber's account to ensure that his hate speech cannot carry on and affect the wellbeing of our favourite Kpop singers! Don't forget that he is very likely to make similar rants against other Kpop groups in his future videos!

Let's get YouTube to shut down his channel!

Link to the full story:

Link to JUSTiN's WORLD YouTube Channel:

Videos where JUSTiN'S WORLD has spoken hate against BLACKPINK and BTS:

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