Youtube: Say WHICH PART of videos you're banning, and let us edit them out

Youtube: Say WHICH PART of videos you're banning, and let us edit them out

April 26, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Penny McKeever

It is utterly insane that all these years later, Youtube's censorship is out of control.  They will ban your video the instant you post it, slapping a generic "reason" like "sex and nudity" or "medical disinformation" with zero info on what part of the video allegedly violates ToS, nor any method of remedying the ban. They'll even hit you with a strike for linking to a site THAT LINKS TO ANOTHER SITE that includes something they consider ban-worthy, like nonsexual female nipples (a clear example: )

There is an infinite list of the many, many, MANY problems with Youtube's nonsense censorship laws--including especially the utter vulnerability of creators who post content at odds with detractors who weaponize false-flagging to get them banned, like say a feminist and/or lgbtq+ activist like Topless Topics--but one incredibly simple solution, that countless people have suggested and been ignored, is if Youtube simply:

-clarified with timecodes the exact part(s) of a banned video that they are alleging violates terms of service, and

-provide the creator a chance to edit out these alleged violations so that the entire video can then be considered "safe"

Here is a long conversation between the Half Baked Podcast and MamaMax, who started the #PickASideYoutube trending hashtag that went viral some months back over Youtube's support of actual pedophiles by taking down videos that expose them: (warning: some gay and ableist slurs unfortunately, but the point is important enough to get through them)

In this video, MamaMax presents the idea (originally credited to Markiplier) of putting into place a system where creators of banned videos can edit out the parts that Youtube has deemed ban-worthy, which you can listen to specifically at the 22:02 mark:

For a website with the vast resources of Youtube, this would be incredibly easy to implement, and would do amazing things towards helping thousands if not millions of creators to figure out exactly what part of their videos that Youtube is objecting to, so that they can cut them out and avoid mentioning/showing such things in the future.

As long as Youtube is simply claiming the entire video violates this or that Terms of Service, the creator cannot learn which part is causing the violation, and so there is no way to know how to avoid making the same mistake again.

Furthermore, such a system would require Youtube moderators to ACTUALLY REVIEW THE BANNED VIDEO and find specific instances of the alleged violations, instead of simply falling for false flagging weaponized by haters to get a video banned for violations it absolutely does not make (such as claiming "medical disinformation" on a video that doesn't mention covid, vaccinations, or anything like that: )

To summarize, this petition is a demand that Youtube:

  • provide exact timecodes for the alleged violating content in banned videos, and
  • provide a method for creators to edit out the offending parts, rather than have the entire video banned

If we can accomplish at least this much, then at least we'll START making progress towards a less-insane level of censorship on the world's largest video sharing platform, so that freedom against unfair and targeted censorship is no longer applied only to those who don't have the protection of "already being famous".

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Signatures: 264Next Goal: 500
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