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Remove the dislike button from YouTube

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With all the change going on in the world, I think its important not to leave YouTube out. One of the world's top used search engines. The issues that come to mind first is the dislike feature. The "Like" and "Dislike" features are supposed to be able to provide quality feedback. But the "Dislike" feature does everything but that. Instead, a lot of people take advantage of the dislike button and use it for the wrong reasons.

There are so many problems with this button that at this point, it serves no legitimate purpose. With all the effort video creators go through just to produce one video, people AKA "trolls" think it's funny to dislike just because they can. The dislike button was created for constructive criticism, not so people can just put down others creations because they think its amusing. In fact, the whole purpose of the dislike button isn't for constructive criticism anyway. All it says to someone is "I don't like this video" but the creator never knows why they don't like it so the very nature of the dislike button isn't constructive at all. It's just another way for people to promote and spread around negativity. 

By signing this petition and making this change, we can lessen the negativity going around in the YouTube community. Even if it's by a little, more or less, it makes a difference and that's what we all want. It's really important that we all support each other as a community instead of tearing each other down. Here's some of the ways the dislike button affects the majority of YouTube creators:

  • it makes the creator feel that their hard work is unappreciated. 
  • the more dislikes the video has, the less likely people are going to watch the video. Furthermore, the user gets penalised even if there's nothing wrong with the video. 
  • a video can get spam disliked so much that the user has no choice but to disable the ratings.
  • the nature of the dislike button is subjective so the creator doesn't know what they need to improve on. 
  • promotes and spreads around negativity/hate.

As you can see, there is literally NO benefit whatsoever to having the dislike button on YouTube. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course (with the exception that it's not hateful or abusive to the creator) but that's why we have the comment section so we can provide valuable and constructive feedback to our fellow creators. 

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