Remove Subscriber Counts from Corporations on YouTube.

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We want Subscriber Counts to be removed from big corporations and companies on YouTube.

YouTube started off as a platform, as a place for individuals to create amazing and entertaining videos and share to the entire world. However, recently, YouTube has been favouring corporations over individual content creators. Huge companies and corporations have started to gain a massive amount of subscribers which diminishes the foundation on which YouTube as a whole was built, individual content creators.

The majority of people using YouTube tune in to watch their favourite content creators, not corporations. The sheer difference in the support provided by YouTube to companies and individual content creators is extremely unfair and should change 

Hence, we offer a simple solution - Remove the subscriber count from Corporations.

Users wishing to watch corporate based channels would still be notified and hence the corporations would not go through any losses, but, individual content creators would be encouraged to create amazing content for the platform.