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Support the copyright strike retraction and help Shay gain full access to his YouTube channel once again.

I have worked consistently hard on creating content and building my channel for little over a year, but once again there has been another set back. This time with a copyright strike over a reaction video which in my defence was more than transformative (as it wasn't the typical reaction video) and falls under fair use of YouTube's copyright policy.

IFPI, who's responsible for handing out the copyright strike responded with a generic, but expected automated email. They provided no explanation or information on what exactly was classed as 'copyright' in the video. Regardless, a copyright claim would've been more reasonable than a blatant copyright strike. Simply blocking the video worldwide without issuing a copyright strike would've been tolerable also. After hours of research and digging online, I've found that IFPI have a history of throwing around copyright strikes to channels big and small with absolutely no evidence or remorse. This leaves one option; email IFPI ( only to receive the same email in which they decline having anything to do with the claim. Absolutely no help whatsoever.

This has a huge impact on my channel and the amazing people who watch my videos every day. If you could spare one moment and sign the petition I'd be forever grateful.


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