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This change started on April 2017 when unknown NCS channels commented in every small YouTube channel's videos.

"Hey, nice video!"


"Lovely stuff!"

As you can see, these comments are SPAMMED comments. If you don't know what spam is, it is a kind of message, comment, or mail that repeats itself separately.

These spammers comment in videos of small YouTube channels just to increase more subs. Videos which are spammed may lead to:

  • Lower publicity
  • More dislikes
  • Lower chance of subscribers

Just to name some of them, these spammers include:

  1. Rewind Remix NCS (renamed to Alpha Music NCS)
  2. Epic Radio (deleted by YouTube)
  3. TSS NCS (renamed to NCS Sounds)
  4. Titanic Music
  6. Trap Town

...and so on.

Okay, guys, this is very important. Do not trust these spammers. If you subscribed to their channel please unsubscribe them right now.

One day, I was uploading my first video when at a short time, these 2 spammers commented in my video.

"amazing" - Epic Radio

"the best and awesome :)" - Rewind Remix NCS

This also happened to my second channel as well.

"hey, good work" - TSS NCS

"hey, lovely vid" - Rewind Remix NCS

Many people were complaining about these spammers commenting in their videos.

"I did not put any NCS music in the video!

"These guys are talking about non-copyrighted music, then they are now talking about gaming for no reason."

"Is it true that they are spam bots?"

"They should stop right now,"

To be honest, why do a lot of people make shoutout videos to these spammers in YouTube? That's the question I'm thinking right now.

Anyway, is there something called 'Fair use'? These timid spammers should learn about that.

We do not want to be affected by those spammers. We want you to support us for YouTube. The spam is spreading across the world and we want you to stop them before it's too late.

If you are the one who were being spammed by RRNCS, Epic Radio, etc. in YouTube, please sign this petition right now so that YouTube can ban those spammers. And also, don't forget to share to let your friends and family take action. We want you to do this right NOW!




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