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Remove Princess Sakura Serenity's Unfair Copyright Strikes

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Princess Sakura Serenity recently received 3 copyright claims on her videos, titled "Kindred Spirits", "Mamman" and "Protected" respectively.

These entirely unsubstantiated claims were filed by a person called Connor Barnden. He/she seems to be taking this as some sort of joke and either does not realize the implications of his/her actions, or simply relishes in it. When questioned about this, he/she responded with immature replies: "More strikes are coming your way gurl", "My name is John Cena." 

These claims have led to her account getting two strikes and a bad standing, which restricts her channel from many Youtube features such as monetization and posting longer videos etc. Not only that, but her account will be terminated if she receives one more strike (which is very likely due to the trollish nature of the transgressor who filed those claims).

She has done absolutely nothing to warrant these claims, thereby making this entire situation completely unjustified and unreasonable.

Princess Sakura Serenity is a relatively small Youtuber and hence does not have the backing of millions of fans or Youtube itself when it comes to unfair copyright claims. Which is why I urge anyone who sees this to sign this petition and share her situation with as many (influential) people as possible as she needs all the help she can get.

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