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Remove pink sheeps youtube channel.

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Pink Sheep is a kid-friendly channel made by ExplodingTNT. However, the channel is also a huge problem.

First, Pink Sheep causes drama.

Most of the drama is on a Minecraft server called MCOrigins, which plenty of people go to. The drama is about the people that don't like Pink Sheep's videos, AKA haters. Pink Sheep's fanbase constantly bullies the haters who simply want to play on the server without having any problems.

Second, Pink Sheep promotes cyberbullying.

Pink Sheep bullies the haters just like his fans do. Youtubers shouldn't be bullying people that don't like their videos. They should be taking suggestions on how to improve their videos, otherwise their videos may never improve. The fact that Pink Sheep's channel is unfunny and cringeworthy (due to him using dead memes and trends as a primary source of humor) makes this even worse because he will never become a good YouTuber.

Finally, the channel is just a lazy cash grab.

Almost all of Pink Sheep's videos are just over ten minutes and are also clickbait, often having those arrows and circles in the thumbnails and having exaggerated titles. It's obvious that this channel is just a cash grab. And like any other cash grab, Pink Sheep puts no effort into his videos. His videos are very cringeworthy and unfunny and he relies on clickbait and very childish humor to get views and subscribers. Pink Sheep's channel wasn't as bad back then, but was still nowhere near good. Pink Sheep was great before he had a YouTube channel. His first appearance was in the video If Herobrine Took a Shower, though he didn't have a mustache. He was very funny in that video and many other videos he appeared in before he had a YouTube channel. When his channel was made, he became a selfish bully. A great character turned into a lazy, obvious cash grab.


All of these problems are made worse by the fact that most of his fanbase is little kids who can't tell what is good and what is bad. I want Pink Sheep's channel to be deleted so that children won't think that bullying and causing drama is the right thing to do. Pink Sheep using clickbait titles and thumbnails and childish humor makes little kids like his channel, making his channel very popular which will cause more little kids to watch his videos. 


I started this petition because I don't want children to believe that bullying is a good thing. If Pink Sheep's channel is deleted, then the children may understand that what Pink Sheep did (bullying) is wrong. If not, then the children will grow up believing that bullying is good.




I did not create this petition epimovieaddict aka Valerie DiGiuono did but this petition will be emailed to youtube instead of pink sheep cause pink sheep did not care.

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