Remove Miko Worldwide Channel from Youtube

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This petition has been started to have YouTube deactivate the Miko Worldwide channel due to the heinous crimes that he has committed. This is the first step in ridding this horrible person of the spot light and financial gain that he has been seeking and achieved by fooling the world. These types of crimes should not be glorified on YouTube nor shall his actions be glorified and the length of which he went to attempt to escape punishment.

This man has been accused and convicted of aggravated assault and aggravated sodomy against minors under the age of ten and that is not acceptable. He also, ran away from the USA and travel to 25 countries while being on the run for these charges and in some countries committing the same acts. For that reason, we should also sign this petition to get this off of YouTube immediately so the victims will have a bit of justice and not since their accuser traveling the world as if nothing happen.

Lets all ban together and make this happen I know we can do it.