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Remove Jake Paul's Youtube Account

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As most of you know, Jake Paul is a horrible person. He is a homophobic, sexist, abusive, racist, and manipulative liar. It has come to light multiple times just how much of a horrible person he is, but he still somehow weasels his way out of every situation and continues to brainwash the youth of America. We need to put an end to this. Jake Paul's account must be taken down and we need Youtube to do it. 

If you still aren't sure about why this needs to happen, let me explain it to you with all the facts and proof.

Jake Paul is homophobic

This is one of the more obvious ones seeing as he has tweets of him using homophobic derogatory words such as "faggot." Some might argue that his good friend and employee Nick Crompton is openly gay, but just because you're "friends" with a member of the LGBT+ community does not make you exempt from the term homophobia. He has time and time again displayed his disgust and secret hatred for the community and this cannot happen. 

Jake Paul is sexist and abusive
Many of his ex-friends have come out and openly explained their experiences with Mr. Paul. He has displayed many sexist and misogynistic actions as well as abused many women as a "joke." There are videos that have surfaced of Jake pushing his ex-girlfriend into a very prickly and thorny bush for a comedy bit, but he pushed her much to aggressively. This action caused Violet to bleed and cry as she removed the thorns from her arm while Mr. Paul just laughed at her. In a recent testimonial by Alissa Violet in a video by FaZe Banks, Violet accused Paul of being much too rough and aggressive when he gets angry, such as spitting in the faces of many. Many women who have worked with Paul have also come out and confirmed Violet's claims as they too were spat on and abused by Paul.
Jake Making Alissa Bleed and Cry
Jake Pushing Tessa Brooks
Alissa Violet Revealing Jake Paul Being Manipulative
Jake Abusing Alissa

Jake Paul is racist

In one of his vlogs, a fan of Paul whom had an accent came up to Paul to say hi. Paul noticed the accent and made the racist remark of how it sounded like the fan was going to bomb them, alluding to the accent being Middle Eastern and the stereotype that Muslims/Middle Easterns are terrorist. This comment by Paul displays his acts of racism and are not okay. We cannot have our children watching and idolizing this heathen.
Jake Paul Racist

He has also just went under fire for faking an abuse in order for FaZe Banks and Alissa Violet to have a destroyed relationship and reputation, but more info about this is still on the way. The story will be added to this petition once the truth is revealed.

He is also being accused of drugging and raping another YouTuber, Clarissa May. She has come forward with a video explaining the situation and has alluded to the fact that it was in fact Mr. Paul who had raped her. KeemStar, the host for DramaAlert on YouTube who has been trying to figure out who the rapist was, has admitted that he had found out and would be revealing him soon. Mr. KeemStar has also alluded to the fact that it was Jake Paul on Twitter. If this all turns out to be true, Jake Paul would not only be a sexist, racist, homophobic, abusive, and manipulative liar, he will also be a rapist who drugged a poor innocent girl to steal her virginity.

These are just some of the way Jake Paul has proved to be a terrible human being that is brainwashing our children. Sign this petition if you agree that Jake Paul's channel must be taken down immediately for the sake of our future generation!
Jake Paul Brainwashed Fans




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