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Remove Jake Paul from YouTube Rewind 2017

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Every year, YouTube has a Rewind to celebrate all of the great things that has happened over the year, and features popular YouTubers that a lot of people like.

With YouTube Rewind 2017 coming close, I thought it would be a important time to talk about a YouTuber that will most likely make a appearance this year. Jake Paul.

Jake Paul is a YouTuber that grew in popularity this year, reaching 10 million subscribers just last month. Like any recently popular YouTuber, him, and the most likely the rest of Team 10, will make an appearance in this years Rewind.

Now what's the problem? Jake Paul is not a good person.

It's no surprise that Jake Paul is always involved with drama for those that are aware and are old enough. Younger kids meanwhile have no idea. And something tells me that YouTube staff doesn't know as well, or just want to ignore it.

If you don't know what Jake Paul has done over this year, let me provide a short list.

  • He tried to ruin another YouTubers' career.
  • He was a bully towards certain people.
  • He was racist towards a fan in one video.
  • He caused the Martinez Twins, both popular Team 10 members, to leave Team 10 cause he was racist and hurtful towards them.
  • He was being disrespectful towards his neighbors while he was living in the old Team 10 house.
  • He destroyed a hoodie from a Logan Paul fan.

And that's just a name of the few things he's done. He's not a good person at all.

I'm not sure if Jake Paul or the rest of Team 10 are still going to be in Rewind 2017, especially since the Martinez Twins left Team 10, which wouldn't make much sense, but if they are, then me and everyone else make the simple request of removing them from the Rewind.

Leaving them in would mean that you value them being popular over what they are actually like in real life. Many people would be very upset, not because they are haters, because you let this type of person in the Rewind. Let me make this clear. Just because he is popular, it doesn't mean he deserves to be in the Rewind.

I am aware that the Rewind is already filmed, but the simple thing to do is to edit them out while in the editing stage. It's not hard.

With that, YouTube staff, I leave you with this decision. Will you leave Jake Paul and Team 10 in YouTube Rewind, or will you remove them? I'll be waiting for a response.

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