Remove "DWLF Game" from YouTube

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Earlier today, I saw a video which had been submitted to BBC The Social.

It had been shared on Facebook and watched nearly 20k times. Their video on this platform is just the tip of the iceberg... the so-called "pick up artist" A-Game (leader of the DWLF which stands for dicks will last forever) has 4K subscribers on YouTube where there are 250 videos uploaded and this number is growing.

The alleged main purpose of "gaming" is to have as much sex with as many women as possible but they pose as a group of dating / life coaches. They flaunt their chat up skills during day and night sessions which they call "game". The "game" is apparently the act of attracting good quality women (whatever the fuck that means). 

He even tapes visuals and audios of his conquest without their consent... even while they sleep. 

I found the video content deeply disturbing and found it to perpetuate rape culture and undermine consent completely. 

I am collecting signatures to have this account removed from YouTube.