July 25, 2016
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Started by Misogyny Exposed

The misogynistic and racist vitriol spewed daily by the terrorist, Thomas Jerome Harris aka Tommy Sotomayor, in his YouTube videos and on his various YouTube channels, has created incalculable amounts of emotional, psychological and physical harm against black women and girls. He is an irresponsible malicious, perpetrator of misogynistic and racist hatred and spreads negative and degrading messages, imagery, views and stereotypes about black women on a daily, regular and consistent basis. He has raked in a large sum of cash as a result and Alphabet Inc. and Google Inc. should be ashamed of itself, as a respectable corporate entity, to profit from the pain that he continues to cause others. We therefore want decisive action to be taken and for all of his channels to be removed from YouTube.

We, the undersigned, hold Alphabet Inc. and Google Inc. as well as YouTube and its advertisers, responsible for providing a platform for this terrorist and his insanity, to be spread around the world, which serves to purposely denigrate and demean black women and girls and black people in general. These corporate entities are, in fact, creating emotional and psychological harm against black women and girls by allowing his cesspool of violent and reprehensible diatribes to continue, unchecked, on their internet channels. His video content has escalated out of control and has now lead to threats of physical violence by him on the street toward black women. It is primarily because you, as a corporate body, have allowed him to say whatever he wants to say, no matter how hate filled and violent, on your platform. If this insanity is allowed to continue, someone eventually will be harmed or killed. Alphabet Inc. and Google Inc. will have their hand in this as they are the ones who have allowed his disgusting verbiage to continue for so long.

We therefore demand that ALL of his videos be removed from your video platforms, immediately. We as concerned citizens, understand how important freedom of speech is in a free society. However, we also understand the consistent dehumanization, spread by this psychopath, results in creating and sustaining violence against black women and girls and serves to justify that a sustained level of violence be perpetrated against them as a terrorist threat. We would like to believe that this is not the intention of this platform's use. We look to the executives of Google Inc. and YouTube to become aware of the negative climate they themselves continue to create, by providing a vehicle for years, for Tommy Sotomayor, to spread his sexist, racist, hate filled, violent, psychotic, misogynistic, angry, anti-black woman rants and we hold you responsible. We therefore demand that you take immediate action and remove all of his videos forthwith. 

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This petition had 13,840 supporters

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