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Reinstate User "OsirisGuide" as a Community Member in Good Standing

I (user name OsirisGuide) have been a YouTube community member for 2 years, delivering quality gaming tutorials and guides.

On September 6th, 2014, a user reported one of these quality, popular guides as inappropriate. A warning message detailing this flag was sent to my email address at 8:24 PM.

I then received a subsequent message, also dated September 6th, 2014 with the same timestamp of 8:24 PM that my account was suspended due to "severe or continual community guidelines violations". The account was then summarily closed with no other explanation. No details were provided as to the specifics of the alleged violations. I have reviewed the community guidelines and cannot find anything wrong with the account. Given that this was my first community strike, I find myself at a loss as to why the account was closed.

Given that the account closure seemed to be automatic or done with very little manual investigation (no time delay between the warning flag and account suspension), I cannot help but feel that this account closure was caused in error. I have filed an appeal through YouTube's appeal panel but have not received a response nor estimated time of review.

My guides are high quality and often complement detailed written content pieces on a few strategy websites that I own. In this case, the flagged video was part of this very detailed Clash of Clans guide embedded on my website here:

A mirror of the flagged video can be found here:

As any manual reviewer can see, this video is a harmless (but quality) guide to a very specific aspect of the popular game, Clash of Clans. This video guide teaches users how to gather resources specifically at the Town Hall 6 level range. It is a step-by-step strategy guide with regular commentary, which is an approved content category on YouTube. It is embedded on my website to complement the text guide detailing how to gather resources at Town Hall 6.

The only thing I can think of is that a reviewer (whether manual or algorithmic) thought that the amount of playbacks driven through may have been high, but no violations were committed through these embedded videos. Videos on this website are not set to autoplay, the videos complement and enhance the written content, and the site is extremely popular. The site drives a large amount of YouTube views since the videos and the text guides are inseperable. The high average playback duration is proof that users are actually interested in this content.

I ask that you sign this petition to help bring this matter to YouTube's attention. The faster someone at YouTube can actually review the case and lift the suspension, the faster I can get back to uploading great videos for all my users.

I do not blame YouTube for any of this, and mean this to bring no ill attention to YouTube. YouTube has by far the best platform for gaming videos, and YouTube has been very supportive of gaming commentators and strategy creators whereas other platforms have not. Video discovery within YouTube itself is also great, as is the ability to build a fan base who prefers video over text guides via subscriptions.

I simply wish to have the account reviewed and reinstated. Once that is complete, more great videos are sure to follow!

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