Reinstate my YouTube channel with immediate effect

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On the 24th October 2017, I found my YouTube channel had been suspended without warning, for supposed breaches of Community Guidelines. I have broken no such rules and after appealing the decision, YouTube/Google decided to stick with their decision to suspend my channel. They have not even specifically stated what it is I've supposed to have done.

I am not giving up on this. I am not having my channel suspended over false claims. I will keep at this each and every day until YouTube/Google reinstate my channel.

My channel isn't big, it had about 250 subscribers and all I posed really were songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (loads of people do it, and this won't be the reason as some have been up for years without issue), some gaming videos and a couple of the town where I live.

You might say it's trivial and unimportant. To some extent it is, but I have had a false claim made over me and would you just sit by and not fight back in such a situation?

All I'm asking is for YouTube/Google to reinstate my channel and apologise.

My Youtube channel

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