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Reinstate Almus Music Youtube channels

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We are a company based in Albania, named Almus Music. Since 2013 we are managing artists to publish their content in online platforms and mostly on Youtube.  We have under management more than 70 artists and some production studios of producers operating with 6 main channels owned by Almus Music and more than 35 channels owned by our clients. We have used a centralized system that was connected with every channel. On 17 December 2016 was terminated our first client channel with reason of spam, scam, deceptive content or other violations of terms of services of Youtube. We have contacted Youtube and they told us to appeal and later without specific explanation told us that couldn't reinstate that channel. One week later another channel was terminated and in the first week of January 2017 was terminated another channel. On the date 10 January 2017 entire our system was collapsed and all channels are terminated with the same reason.  

All channels never got any community guidelines and Youtube when finds a video with violations issue a strike, but this never happend and all channels were immediately suspended. 

We have worked really hard for the past 3 years with our artist to create a stable network in our country and support every artist. Some of them had entire their career on those channels and some others started their career with us. Now they can't access their Youtube channel and lost everything. If one of channel had problems Youtube should suspend only that channel, not entire network and penalizing colectivelly our company and artists.

Thousand songs are not available in Youtube now and we need your help to make an impact at Youtube company and management team to review our issue and reinstate all channels of our music network. Every artist is contracted by us with agreement and we don't have any copyright issue and we can provide to Youtube all agreements to prove that. Even we have tried with Youtube Partner Support their just refer to Appealing Team and then after appeal sometimes you can't get an answers sometimes you will get an automatized answer that is the same for all appeals.

This is  a problem that affects not only us as company but many artists that will not have the possibility to publish in Youtube their songs because their account may be suspendend again. So we need that Youtube to help us to reinstate all our channels because our company in this situation that has lost all videos published on it's network and artist lost their career.

Help us signing this petition to reinstate our channels.

Kind regards,
Almus Music & Artists

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