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As you have probably known, Logan Paul has been over fire all over the world because of his one mistake. He posted a video of a dead man hanging in the Japanese suicide forest. Many people are mad at his actions, but I personally am not. I’m going to protect him because as I see it he did nothing wrong. In fact, he even admitted that he was sorry and we should all accept his apology. People are being idiots about what he did. Someone even made a petition to delete his Youtube channel with 15 + million people subscribed. People were saying in the petition that  “it is utterly deplorable and inhumane to film a dead body for millions of children to watch, not only that but to make jokes was just sickening.¨ I admit it was wrong for him to post it to millions of people but it isn’t acceptable to have it go this far. He’s admitted that he made a mistake and being someone who’s seen the video I think that he was not making jokes about the dead man. He was simply just saying “What you’ve never stood next to a dead guy before?” and after he said that he laughed at his own joke which was never towards the dead man and his family. In a Youtube video Logan said, “When I  am trying to cope with something I laugh”.  In the other petition that person said: "He filmed somebody who had given up, who thought there was no way out of their hell except death and Logan made a joke of this poor man's suicide, which, by the way, is not a joking matter."  He never made it a joke. This person is the one who is crazy. He said that Logan Paul was making it a “joking matter.”I have watched the vlog twice and never has he made suicide a joking matter, in fact, he even said that if you are thinking about committing suicide that you need to get some help and save your life. Logan is under fire because he made a simple mistake and now that one of the fastest growing youtubers has made a mistake all hell has broke loose. Have you ever made a mistake? I know for sure that  EVERYONE HAS MADE A MISTAKE.  He admitted and it takes a lot to do that because I know that of any other YouTuber made a mistake they would not own up to it but Logan did.  What more do you what from the man? He apologized and even stopped making videos for now. I have not seen a vlog from him in 2 days. Most of the information on that other petition is not true at all. By you signing this petition it will prove that Logan made a mistake and he should be forgiven. The LOGANG is going to protect Logan no matter what happens. He made a simple mistake and he should be forgiven because if this was about you, you would want people to do the same.


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