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Youtube posts show kids how to choke themselves or eachother

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It's called the choking game or any or a dozen other names such as American Dream, airplaning, black hole, black-out game, California choke, cloud nine, dream game, fainting game, flatlining, funky chicken, gasp game, knock-out game, pass-out game, purple dragon, purple hazing, the scarf game, something dreaming game, space cowboy, space monkey, suffocation roulette, and the tingling game. The experience of passing out and then the rushing feeling when the blood starts flowing again is labeled as a high. Some say it's for the high or feeling they get. Most who play the game are between the ages of 11-16 and are male. The problem arises when the teen doesn't wake up or ends up strangled because no one was there to untie the rope or cord. I lost my 11yr old nephew yesterday. Allowing posts of videos that shows kids how to potentially kill themselves is disgusting and wrong in so many ways! This is not a game and should not be allowed to be posted as such.

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