Please Re-Instate Update News Network Youtube Channel

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My Youtube Channel Update News Network Was Terminated Without Warning. I Have Not Received a Single Email Telling Me Why It Was Terminated. I Am Creating This Petition in a Bid to Encourage Youtube to Reinstate My Account. I Worked For Five Years On My Youtube Account. In This Time, I Managed to Gather Over 80,000 Subscribers & 120 Million Views On My Videos. I Loved the Community. I Loved Everything About the Website. In Those Five Years, I Created Over 1200 Videos. Each Video Took Many Hours Of Capturing And Editing To Make Sure That They Were As Perfect As Possible. I Genuinely Believe That My Content Was Some Of The Best to Be Found on Youtube. I Currently Do Not Have Access To Any Of The Videos That I Uploaded To Youtube. As I Was Never Expecting My Account To Be Snatched Away From Me, As I Was a Person Who Would Always Follow the Youtube Community Guidelines Down to a Tee, I Never Kept a Backup of Them. I Always Took for Granted That My Videos Would Remain There for People to See for Many, Many Years to Come. There Was Nothing That Would Lead Me to Believe Otherwise.

The Work That I Put Into My Youtube Channel Was a Fulltime Job for Me. Youtube Managed to Snatch Away My Income. This Was My Only Source of Income, Leaving Me in a Predicament When It Comes to Supporting My Life. I Currently Have No Way to Make This Income Back. This Is Another Reason as to Why I Need My Update News Network Back Perhaps the Biggest Issue With My Youtube Account Being Terminated Is That I Do Not Know Why It Was Terminated in the First Place. I Am the Type of Person Who Understands That Youtube Are Able to Terminate Accounts at Will. I Have Absolutely No Issues With That. It Is Their Website. However, I Always Felt Like This Was Something That Was Strictly Limited to Those Who Broke the Rules. I Have Looked Over the Youtube Community Guidelines Over and Over Again. When I Uploaded Each of My Videos, I Wanted to Make Sure That I Met These Guidelines. So, I Checked Them. To Date, I Do Not Think I Have Broken a Single Community Guideline With the Videos That I Uploaded.
In Addition to This, the Banning of My Account Was Done Without Warning. Nobody Told Me That I Was Running the Risk of Being Banned.If I Knew That My Account Was Going to Be Taken Away and That There Was a Problem, I Would Have Done Something to Sort It Out. If I Did Break the Guidelines, and I Do Not Believe I Did, Then I Certainly Would Have Put the Effort Into Correcting the Issue as It Was a Genuine Mistake. I Never Wanted to Cause Any Problems.

With Best, Update News Network