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Logan Paul’s Channel Should Not Be Deleted

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Logan Paul has been told to rot in hell, and has been slammed by Aaron Paul, Keemstar, Jackspetic Eye and most of the Youtube community. A petition was created to delete  his Youtube channel. This is because he created a video showing Suicide to promote suicide awareness, he is seen laughing in the video, because that is how he copes with shock. In this video, Logan says that Suicide is not a joke. That Mental Illness Is Not A Joke. Telling His Viewers That They Are Stronger Than They Realize And leaving suicide hotline numbers in the conclusion of the video and in the description for Japan, United Kingdom And USA. Logan Paul, made a mistake which is filming the video. He was slammed by Keemstar and Kavos On YT for this decision. While Kavos made valid points, Keemstar focused on the destruction of Logan’s channel, and genuinely seemed to be milking the situation for money. Kavos, on the other hand was one of the best negative reactions to the situation. Keemstar called for parents to stop letting kids watch their channels and called parents who let their kids watch Logan and Jake “they don’t love you enough to monitor what you’re watching online.”

Here is A list Of Positive Things Logan Has Done In The Past:

Donating 8K To Save A Child’s Life

He uses his medium to spread Walmart’s Fight Hunger Initiative 

Logan Paul has made any motivational speeches on his channel.

Donating Pizza to The Homeless

People have called after that Suicide video for Logan Paul’s channel to be deleted from youtube, this is a channel that he has worked for, and has inspired and entertained many people.  You see Logan doing crazy things that may be called, disrespectful, but is just to entertain the viewer and put a smile on their face, if anyone is involved he might even apologize.H3 has said Logan only loves you if you buy his merch, but in many vlogs where he has encountered fans, he has embraced them even if they’re not wearing the merch. Even though you might think Logan Paul is a moron, he keeps million of kids worldwide happy and teaches them that if u work hard, u can achieve anything.

The deletion of Logan’s channel is completely unnecessary, and is because of hate and is in no way a decision that can profit the family of the person who lost his life due to suicide, but instead we must make the call that youtube give more of a temporary punishment, or that he donates a sum of money to a Suicide prevention institution. Anyway Logan Paul has been given much hate speech, that is so severe that it could make someone kill theirselves


One of the most supported arguments is that Logan Paul did not make a mistake, because he didn’t mean to upload the files to his computer, edit the video, upload to yt, title the video and make a thumbnail. Logan’s editor does these actions, with the approval of Logan, therefore it is not even a fact.

I think we must prevent the negativity against Logan Paul and stop people who are exploiting Logan’s misfortune. 


He also made a sincere looking apology video, asking not to be defended and many other great points.

Logan made a mistake, but now people are exploiting this to the maximum, and are ignoring facts while they go on bigoted rants against the very successful youtuber who entertains and inspires kids everyday until the backlash was too much so he had to quit his streak of vlogs. Due to this, negativity Logan’s life has been scarred with the title “the guy who laughed at Suicide” and that in itself isn’t even through. Although I acknowledge that this video shouldn’t have been filmed and shouldn’t have been uploaded to YouTube and should have been taken down by the very biased towards Logan Team Youtube as Trusted Flagger mentioned that the video was manually reviewed by YouTube. Youtube is receiving backlash and rightly so, because they shouldn’t have been  biased unless it truly didn’t violate their terms



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