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Logan Paul's Youtube Channel Be Removed

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i am sat here, in my bed, watching in horror at the events that have taken place on youtube. i have never been so disgusted to see a video of a man, who's awful suffering ended in his suicide be published across social media and 6 million viewers see. a "youtuber" parade a mans body, someone's son, someone's child, someone's love, someone's friend. a persons wounded body, who's life had thousands of memories, a life so delicate, that was so sadly ended. Logan Paul, is a 22 year old man, who's life has become one massive theatre. youtube is his stage and his audience keeps pilling into this theatre and applauding him.
i can not say how sad i was to watch the youtube re-wind 2017 and see the face of youtube be a man with such little regard for human life, a man who chose to exploit a human body virally. so this is the face of youtube now? this is who you want to represent this platform?
that body Logan Paul chose to parade and make a mockery of on camera wasn't just a body. yes, the exploitation of this body was disgusting and i feel sick knowing that youtube accepts this. but that body represented his lack of respect for suicide and the bro my number of people suffering from mental health problems. that blatant disregard represents his overall respect for those suffering. he is being allowed to use youtube to give this disgraceful and sickening message.
i feel sick. i feel sick knowing that youtube, a platform i love, is being abused by people who have nothing positive and endearing to offer. where on earth is the respect? where is the love and compassion? how is a man like this allowed to be considered an influencer. 

This disgusting account needs to be removed. 

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