Let’s not delete Logan Paul’s channel from youtube

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See I know logan Paul made a really big mistake by showing a dead body on the Internet but let’s keep that in the past and help him get through this phase. He apologised and stopped talking to his family and friends we need to help him. He understood the consequences of his actions and now people hate him for no reason just because of a video. Many people make mistakes in life I know this can not be forgiven but can we atleast support him so he makes a better tomorrow. Logang has got his back.he may have pushed the boundaries but that’s what life is about to push yourself. If you’ve watched any of his previous vlogs you’ll understand this real hero. You’ll are judging him based on 1 video? The logang has watched all his vlogs and they know that they can’t let their hero die. I think you should sign this petition because if logan still has his channel he could make a better tomorrow cover up his mistakes and most of all make people smile again