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Freedom from Kector Neild Spartan

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Kector Neild Spartan has caused several issues:

for example, he has attempted to force RetronMTB (a friend) to "stop on hating him"
and whines about it leading to his friends to raid a discord server.

Here's a discord quote from RMTB,
"i just dont like kector
thats all
and now people are making a big deal out of it
i mean seriously, what the actual [F]"

Other things Kector has done are:
Reported someone for having the name 'kector'
Raged over someone leaving his server
Made a petition to have someone's YT channel shutdown
(and changed the amount required so it 'succeeds')

This does not break any rule- including the
'Don't cause harm to children' rule
as that only refers to NSFW
and neither does it break the
'Don't Bully' rule.
as I only focus on the actions.

The solution:

Leave us alone and we'll leave you alone.




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