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Keep Mind Power Alive

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Mind Power is a subliminal channel, and one of the better ones. She has been spreading positivity and changing lives for the better with her beneficial affirmations, ways, attitude and just in general. Recently, many other subliminal channels have ganged up on her and began the hatred, hurting and ruining of her good name and reputation. The jealousy and greed must stop, especially when it comes to shutting down the channel and livelihood of someone who has done absolutely nothing wrong. Mind Power herself even states how she makes her videos, she even puts warnings as to protect us, not "brainwash" us (Also, I speak out of the clear consciousness of myself, not some brainwash crap). All their supposed "proof" and "confirmation" are proven fake and simply acts of slander, just to get her taken down. The lengths these people would go! Even if you don't like or use subliminals, this is a case of victimization and ruining, so you can help too! We must stop this injustice, the damage it has done has already reached a high enough point. There are no victims, no ruined lives and no hidden affirmations... only rude, false and unnecessary hate. Supporters of Mind Power band together, we will do what is right! :)

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