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Keep logan pauls youtube channel!

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Logan pauls youtube channel is close to being taken down! The real logang needs to stick together and help logan.

Logan didn't make jokes about the man who commited suicide although he did laugh, it was obviously an unexpected and crazy situation he was thrown into. Logan Pauls defense mechanism is regression, which means he acts childish and laughs and plays around like he did when something like that happens. 

Now, I'm not trying to start beef with Ricegum, but a month or 2 ago Ricegum actually joked abt suicide and told someone to hang themselves, what happened? Nothing? Why didn't he get attacked like logan is? 

Even other youtubers think that what Logan did wasn't harming anyone (tanner fox)

We need your help to save Logans channel! Who's with me? Logang is the strongest family out there and we need to help Logan! 

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