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#logangwontbackdown the true logangsters will always love you because everyone makes mistakes! Logan did a bad thing... I totally agree. But... He knows that. And he knows what he did was completly wrong. He was stupid yes. He was dumb yes. But... You have to admit it. You've made mistakes before. You said sorry, you begged for forgivness. Weve all done it, don't lie. And sometimes people really fuck up in life. Like logan has. But.. He deserves one last chance. And I am willing to give him that chance, to redeem himself. If you can't give him that chance, I understand as a lot of people have been affected by the content in that video. Suicide is not a joke. So I know that if you've unsubscibed or if you hate logan... I hate to say it but I understand. I've had suicide thought before so that video brought back memories. But... I'm OK because logan is a big inspiration to me, and really inspires me to work hard and I can achieve my goals. I'm not gonna let logan fight alone, I'm here for him. He's been pretty stupid, but OK. As I said, we all make mistakes. If you can't forgive him, then alright. But I can. And I have. And I know you just mean well logan. Us logangsters may not forgive and forget easily, but we are still here for you. ������������������� 

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