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Keep Logan Paul. Here me out first.

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By the way this is my opinion and I don’t want any hate for this.

Over the past years Logan Paul was an inspiration to everyone. He was cast in movies, he saved a life and he helped out why don’t we ( band ).  

As most people have seen by now Logan Paul started vloging in Japan. He wanted to try something crazy. Something he has never done before. A 24 hour challenge. Now obviously he was in Japan and the only place there which is spooky and more Logan Paul’s style is the suicide forest. All of the people in his group thought that this was a good idea.

Once they walked into the forest they went of track. That’s what I would do Because I would be bored of just following the same path. Once they did this they walked a little further to find a dead body. Hanging. Because of this he got so much hate and criticism. Yes he shouldn’t have went close up to it but newsflash it’s the suicide forest you will obviously find a dead body. Then he started to laugh about it. Well guess what if you knew Logan long enough you would know that his coping mechanism is laughing. Other have crying and other just stay quiet. Many you tubers say that he should’ve put the camera down and called the police. He did as soon as he saw the dead body. But he didn’t put the camera down. Why? Because if he didn’t record that moment he would be called a liar if he said we found a dead body in the suicide forest because they wouldn’t have any proof to show that. 

Many people make mistakes for example pewdiepie. I don’t want pewds to get any hate for this but do you guys remember when he was saying stuff about nazis and got scare pewdiepie 2 cancelled. Yeah that happened. Everyone wanted him to delete his channel. Now Logan Paul made a mistake. You have seen my opinion in paragraph 3 (if you haven’t please read it) and everyone wants him to delete his channel too. Give Logan Paul a second chance too. He even took down the video and apologised. If you are a true Logan Paul fan please sign this petition. Logan Paul please stay 

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