Justices CarryMinati and Restore YouTube Video

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CarryMinati is well known Indian YouTube creators who has time and again brought fame and recognition to the country in multiple international events.

         In a recent series of events when the TikTok influencer name Aamir Siddiqui called out YouTubers and after recieving multiple threat calls from these TikTok stars, CarryMinati express this point of view with the above mentioned video in the form of a roast that contained enough facts to prove that he along with other YouTubers have often been wronged by these people, their content have been stolen multiple times and yet they have had to keep quiet.

       In a wave of misinterpretation and influenced understanding of the video, it was projected as homophobic and a medium for cyber-bullying when it was nothing close to that.

      This video in concern garnered 6 Million within 24 hours of launch and stood at 10Million likes when it was being taken down by YouTube (dislikes being 197K only).

     We request for YouTube to bring back the video for not only does taking it down suppress the rights of a YouTube creator defending his ground but also bring shame to India as it was the only Indian YouTube video to have broken more than 5 world records all at once, again a feat of great pride for us Indians. Please sign the petition to help Carryminati get his creation back!