Justice for Shane Dawson

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Shane Lee Yaw, known as Shane Dawson, has been a Youtube creator for over 10 years, and has amassed an astounding number of over 15 million subscribers to his channel “shane” alone, not counting his second channel “Shane Dawson TV”. Youtube over the years has removed ads from Shane’s videos and removed his channel from the trending section on the app and website. For months, Shane’s recent video style change has caused his views to skyrocket, and his mini “documentary” on TanaCon was viewed more than the Royal Wedding of 2018. Shane Dawson’s channel has been getting recommended less, even as his main channel is growing tremendously, “shane” gaining 1 million suscribers in less than a month. Shane makes elaborate series’ that take weeks to edit and cause him and his editor, Andrew Siwicki, sleep deprivation from being overworked. Shane Dawson has been though a lot, from coming out as bisexual to being accused as a pedophile, and it truly is unfair for his videos to not have ads, not be on the trending page, and not be recommended as much to viewers.