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Implement a #DiscoverTab on YouTube to Help Smaller YouTubers Get Discovered.

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The Problem: YouTube does not promote the discovery of smaller YouTube channels.

The Explanation: YouTube is a great website and I for one feel very proud to live in a country whereby I can express myself though the medium of video and share that passion with a few hundred people wanting to watch my hard work…but lets not get ahead of ourselves here. We have to remember YouTube is just a middleman sitting between the millions of hard working video creators and the millions of dollars of advertising revenue waiting to be spent on those videos. It's a match made in heaven IF you're one of those YouTubers who has a large enough subscriber base generating hundreds of thousands or even millions of views each week.

We know it’s in YouTube's best financial interest to promote the bigger channels. It’s a simple numbers game…a Youtuber getting 1 Million views a week will rank higher on the search results compared to a YouTuber getting just a few hundred views a week. We know where YouTube's best interests lie but with largest portion of YouTube's video creators being made up by small channels (under 10k subs) its time for the CEO to start showing more of an interest in promoting little people who one day could be the next big thing making them even more money.

The Cure: What I would like to see is a “Discover” tab whereby people can find undiscovered talent by filtering different categories and subscriber levels. For example let’s say I wanted to find YouTubers like me under 500 subscribers making comedy videos. I could use the discover tab and filter by the number of likes showing in order who have been the most successful over any given period of time.  

There are many different ways in which YouTube could choose to promote the small YouTuber and its time they gave back to the community which has made them one of the richest and most powerful websites in the world. Have you seen the discover tab feature on band camp? It's amazing and would work so well on YouTube. 

Once you have signed the petition come and join the community of small YouTubers (under 10k subs) at and be a part of change of positive change. 

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