Stop Black Woman Hate

Stop Black Woman Hate

February 7, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chelly Attilus

I started this petition to bring an end to the hate black women have to endure. My passion stems from the lack of sensitivity, complicity , and lack luster outrage against the way black women and black girls image is tainted. I recall a time when I was nine years old, I was sitting next to my  brother when a car filled with non black  teenagers laughing hysterically blurted “whoops where the weave at!” I dropped my little head in shame. I began tugging at the ends of ocean dampened shrunken 4C hair to give it some sort of length. The moment I arrived at home, I washed and blow dry my hair as straight as the universe would allow. I stood in front of the mirror at what felt like eternity. For the very first time in my life I felt so ugly, so inadequate. This was the beginning of a self loathing journey for me sad to repeat out loud. It took my adult hood to finally say put some respect on our names. And although we’re not the standard of beauty according to societal standards, there’s no refuting we’re thee most imitated women in the world. Society never failed to constantly remind us that our hair is not the beauty of standard amongst other things. To add insult to the mix, black males of all ages created social media accounts targeting black women and girls as it relates to our features, hair textures, skin tone, and body. It’s no secret public humiliation has become an extremely lucrative business for the men in our own racial group to disparage us with mass supporters who share their mindsets. Athletes to musicians often reinforce in their art, social media, or interviews how much disdain they hold towards us without being ask. This public treason has normalize other races to add fuel to an already historically known
gender/race to represent the face of the most
undesirable group of women. Referring to us as god and strong black woman trope furthers the notion were super human. It's dehumanizing to watch corporate entities enable the desensitization of our humanity also.
Caricature of oversized lips with bright red
lipstick face painted an exaggerated jet black on
merchandises by wealthy companies has become a trend. Only to issue an disingenuous
apology after the damage is done. Oddly enough to the degree their sales spikes at our expense. We're well aware it's a marketing tactic that never fails to project financial gain for them. Our hair is described as Brillo pads, ball head, nappy, weave queens, coarse, bad hair, kinky, unprofessional, distraction, and hair hats. When we style our hair with extensions or scarves, we're often made fun of. Derogatory terms such as night riders, bed wenches, welfare queens,
hood-rat, baby mama, roaches, and mammy 
needs to classified as hate speech. Every 5.5
hours were being murdered, in astronomical numbers at the very hands of black men. This is no longer a matter of murder by proximity, it's rooted in hatred. Simply for us being born black and female with attributes we were genetically
disposed with. We're a very small minority group
at best.I'm afraid not only for my safety but for the safety of other black women as well. It's anxiety inducing when sharing public spaces
or online with black males (not all) but enough if we will become a hash tag or victim who narrowly escaped death. The news doesn't cover the daily murders enough. When it's reported, the stories are short lived without a
sense of urgency. Love us or hate us, black
women and girls effortlessly set trends the entire
planet emulates. All women are beautiful in their
own way but today we are celebrating black us.
Our future generation of girls shouldn't have to
experience this social pariah. It’s heart wrenching to see my nieces and other black girls with long or short 4c hair texture to state they now feel beautiful when their hair is covered with weaves or scarves. Worst, say things to the effect of why am I so black. I want to bleach my skin or I wish I was lighter skin. I need black women and black girls  especially the darker skinned sisters around the world to know they possess beauty in every hair texture, feature,
complexion, and curves on every melanated inch of her being. If I had to recognize influential yet  phenomenal woman, I'd go with political commentator Angela Rye, YouTubers Real talk with Yanie, Paris Milan, Black Girls Unlost, my play aunty Georgeana Lozin, and my sister Elis Attilus. The six women I've mentioned are a constant reminder of exemplifying love, unity,
and strength in our community. The Dove Crown Act is working towards expanding basic human rights through the legal system regarding hair
discrimination for black women. Please sign,
share, and tag as many people you can! Make
this petition too an ACT (Attractive Creation
Tailor-made). Help get us to 100 signatures at
the minimum to show people you really care.
Let's band together in sisterhood and solidarity to Stop Black Woman hate!

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Signatures: 36Next Goal: 50
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