Help YouTube out by shutting down Durv

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The Youtuber Durv has been on YouTube for a while now and I just found out about him pretty recently. I was shocked at his amount of subscribers with how bad his content is and his fake and clickbaited videos. Some more reasons he needs to be shut down is because all of his videos are clickbait even though he said he would start the cut down on clickbait in several tweets and he gets tons of views everyday from his  calling _______ (also known as his brother making some weird noises and imitations and in the FaceTime ones holding a piece of paper up to the camera with the image of whatever he's calling on it) videos. He begs for likes and for you to sub before he even starts the video, he makes reaction videos of other peoples content and since his channel is so popular he gets more views than the original creator and doesn't give credit. Overall on his channel he lies, he gets subs because he has enough money to give away gift cards, he reacts to other peoples videos and doesn't give them credit and clickbaits every one of his videos despite his over 1,000,000 subs. Thanks for reading this if you actually read it and please sign the petition if you believe in this cause like I do.