Close/Terminate access to CollabDRM due false Copyright Strike, Save The Creator!

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As we seen. The Popular Youtube Channel PewDiePie video was taken down due CollabDRM and Collab Copyright claim. Right now has been repeated and claimed 5 Videos on Youtuber called Jameskii because TikTok Copyright claim by Collab

As we see. The Twitch streamer Alinity because Copystrike PewDiePie due their reaction video

"I wasn't gonna hate him, i was gonna send, i was gonna send. I have somebody That Copystrike hitting company that's called Collab and these are sending me 700$ (700 Dollar) last month from copystrike hitting people, Good Money." [Anlinity says on their twitch live stream]

Anlinity was paided from Collab because Copyright Strike Someone's content. And we Don't want make this happend for pay that artist.

As our missions it's, we need to say to YouTube for take this SERIOUS Actions. To Permanently Terminate/Close access to Collab + CollabDRM for good. And Take a creator for the freedom #SaveTheCreator