Have Youtube Demonetize or Take down Candace Owen's Videos

Have Youtube Demonetize or Take down Candace Owen's Videos

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Candace Owens is a right wing commentator who has made her name off of attacking Muslims, Trans women and victims of racial violence like George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. Not only does she sow division but she peddles right wing conspiracies to millions of followers. Some of her comments include

"I’ve had time to reflect on my video about #GeorgeFloyd and you guys were right—I was very wrong. He went to prison 9 times, not 7. I missed two earlier convictions for theft and drugs. But he started a new chapter with meth & fentanyl—so let’s throw our hero 2 more funerals!"

She has also stated that "Hitler did nothing wrong" and there is not racism in modern day America. 

What she says has real world consequences, In 2019 the Christ Church shooter referenced Owens for being one of his inspirations.  Youtube has allowed her to profit off of her racist videos for far too long. During a critical time in our nation's history corporations need to stand on the right side of history. This means standing up against bigots like Owens who profit off of hate. 

Please sign this petition to tell Youtube you want Owens videos either demonetized or taken off their website.