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Remove ALL Melissa Bachman's Videos From youtube

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Dear Madams & Sirs of Google, Inc.:

I am staging this petition to request you IMMEDIATELY take down Melissa Bachman 's videos on YouTube of her killing, then bragging about, the wild animals she is going around the world to hunt. This is very offensive to everyone of all ages. It is not appropriate for her to be able to post videos of the like for all of the public to see. There are animal lovers here on this Earth that are trying to make a difference in our lifetime. Melissa Bachman is blatantly showing off her uncaring nature of killing animals. Animals that were shot down while eating, animals who were killed by her that are nearly on the 'Endangered Species' list, and she continues to do it! Please respect this petition and its signers and get this woman's videos off of YouTube immediately. To be honest you do not allow items of violent nature or sexual nature on your site, so why should this subject be any different.People do not want to see these poor defensless animals put on display being killed and then laid out as trophies. For the people who care about this Earth and all its creatures in it. We also believe that these Channels and other Hunting Channels fail to comply with your "VIOLENT OR GRAPHIC NATURE POLICY"... Yes we do know about the filter but that is in place to protect Minors from sensitive content. But this is not the point of this Petition. The Majority of people DO NOT want to see this kind of content and it is not suitable for YOUTUBE or ANY PUBLIC SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE


Thank you


Video's and Articles in Question are..

Articles: "MY TAKE" "WINCHESTERS DEADLY PASSION" and any Video Tagged with Melissa Bachmman

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