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End the Filtering of LGBT+ Videos on Restricted Mode

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Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has been a voice for those who felt like they had none. Today, twelve years later, YouTube continues to be the leader in innovation for online video creators.

However, some users have seen themselves become silenced by this online superpower. Recently creators including Miles McKenna, Tyler Oakley, SeaineLove, and NeonFiona, as well as many others and their fans, have noticed content directed at or focusing on the LGBT+ community is blocked through the host site's Restricted Mode. This new mode is meant in good spirit, removing "questionable" content from the access of those opting in. However, this feature is not always a choice or fair. It can be turned on by administrators, such as a school or business, and locked for those who have associated accounts. On top of this, this feature can also be locked within a browser, removing the ability to opt out unless the user does so in a separate browser.

This is a now dangerous tool that is taking a big step back from the formerly inclusive YouTube environment. As more and more people lose access to educational tools such as coming out stories and LGBT+ history and health information, the site puts lives at risk and isolates users. By marking LGBT+ topics as "questionable" and not 'family friendly', YouTube is also sending out a toxic message of self-loathing and justification for homophobia. As a community that has long struggled with inclusion in both society and the media, not acting on this error in the Restricted Mode software is not only homophobic and ignorant, but neglectful towards users and creators alike.

Through small edits made to the current system, this can be changed. We are asking that the current filtering algorithm be altered to be more inclusive of diverse voices, including those of the LGBT+ community.

By signing this petition, you are providing support for the LGBT+ community that is truly irreplaceable. Thank you for your time and never-ending drive for true equality on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

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