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YouTube (Google Corp.): Create a more simple, Useful and easier layout for the YouTube Users

Throughout the years, YouTube itself has changed and that is fine.
On December 6th 2012, YouTube updated a layout that would forever change the way it works.
Currently, If you go to the homepage you will notice that you can not see videos of your subscriptions. The homepage is a jumble of recommended videos and other useless information.

Example: Imagine that you ordered a magazine to your house, One day, Everything changes and you're receiving several magazines related to that subject, but you don't want to have these.
The next day, You get even more magazines and at this point, You can't even find the magazine you ordered in the pile.

That's the New Layout on YouTube.

We, YouTubers, want a change.
More simplicity, a simple homepage that features subscribers on the front, Rather than "YouTube Recommended videos"

Sign this petition if you're on board with this, We need change, We need it now.

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