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This woman spouts racist, homophobic, and all around disgusting things that if anyone else said it they would be ridiculed and targeted. Her YouTube career has been a joke. 

The types of videos she post on a daily are horrible. she promotes sex and talks things that aren’t appropriate for her younger viewers. She is constantly causing drama and bashing people on her channel like her exes when they dump her which again is not appropriate. This then cause  unnecessary drama for other person and her subscribers go on the person’s you or other social media accounts and threatens and harrasses them for months because of a lie she started. She is a toxic person and clearly has mental health issues and and refuses to get help for it because she don’t see anything wrong with herself. She really needs help before she really hurts somebody.  She has made several videos in which her mental state has showed  if you go to YouTube and search up her breakdowns you will find them a lot of them you can see her glassy eyes and tell she is high as a kite. 

She also has to constantly show her breast in all of her videos which isn’t appropriate at all. If she is going to be allowed to post on social media she needs to keep herself covered.

On her twitter account, she often posts nudes despite the fact she has kids as young as 12 watching her and following her on social media.

She has scammed people Yes, on multiple occasions. A quick search on YouTube will find you a video explaining that bracelets which Trisha was selling for about $40 were actually bought in bulk on eBay for about $3-$5. She claimed that the reason the seemingly cheap bracelets were so expensive was because she hand made them. After it was released that they were bought online, no mention of the bracelets ever happened again.  A few years Trisha was selling Christmas nudes for charity for $200. No mention of that ever again. The same happened when Trisha stated that she would do a massive giveaway once she hit 2 million subscribers, but nothing came of that either. Finally, she stole the concept art for her Fat Chicks EP and never gave credit to the original artist, despite the artist directly reaching out and asking for a mention.

She promotes incest stating on numerous occasions that if her father wasn't her father she would date him and that she has had sex dreams about her own brother. 

She has used suicide to get more views on her music video. She claims in her video (which had multiple inconsistencies) she had a suicide attempt a couple of years back and that her new music video would be coming out soon dealing with suicide. It was very convenient that her video and music video came out at the same time the Netflix original "Thirteen Reasons Why" came out and was controversial but a huge hit with young adults. She glamorizes manipulative relationships and domestic violence. She has stated in her videos that she has threatened suicide or started altercations to prevent a boyfriend from leaving or to force him to come over to take care of her. This behavior to a child or young adult can be seen as appealing or ideal which is harmful because it is making abusive relationships seem normal. 

In her music video, "Leonard DiCaprio", She dresses up in black face as a joke, and thinks it’s acceptable to laugh about slavery and whippings singing the verse “He could whip me every night, Just like Django”. When she was question about this, she stated "it was literally a joke, the whole song is lighthearted. but believe, it is NOT racist." She completely disregards how people may have felt do to her music video and what it portrayed. 

She has said in a tweet, "I don't get it. when i was a kid i DREAMED of getting molested by Woody Allen! Bitch STFU!" She has said how upset she is that she does not get to use the n-word and how people need to stop being so "sensitive"

She was in a relationship with a man who later turned out to be bi-sexual or gay (it has not been confirmed but it's no one's business anyways) who was seen in a gay club dancing closely with a another man. Trisha proceeded to make a video crying and outing him on her channel. the video was later deleted but it had been seen by millions already.  Her "fishes" began to comment hateful slurs on his YT channel and all of his social media. This is still happening people are still often commenting hateful things to him under "Trishy's Fishies". 

"Go kill yourself" is the comment of many of these "fishies" and it is absolutely disgusting. In this world, many teenagers are impressionable and the majority of Ms.Paytas fanbase are under the age of 18 some as young as 12 or 13. she also thinks it's funny to threaten people with her "fishies." 

Whenever she has had a problem in the past with businesses or people, her fanbase has found and threatened them often forcing them to have to erase said social media accounts. For example, West Coast Customs. A fairly well-known and established car shop that was tasked to create Trisha’s Peptomobile. They told her that her customization may take longer than they expect, and when did, she had a tantrum and also released videos that incited the horde. Allegedly they added and charged her for customizations she didn’t want/was unaware of despite not thoroughly reading her contract and pushed for legal action. Due to the backlash they received and multiple fake reviews, they also took legal action. It all ended in a stalemate.

Trisha loves to saying hurtful things but whenever a drama channel or a person on twitter says anything negative to her, she threatens to have the sued by her lawyers. A drama channel called "errmokayy" uploaded a parody video of Trisha which reached 100,000+ views. This video which was simply editing all the clips from her video and seeing how what she says contradicts itself. This video was taken down twice due to reports. Trisha then took the video, edited it to only feature when she talks about being a vegan and uploaded it to her own channel under her own title "explaining my vegan diet". Many commented about how she took it from errmokayy and to at least give credit for the edits that she left in since errmokayy's work does fall under the fair use. she responded "it's my clips i don't have to give credit". errmokayy has done parody videos of many youtubers and Trisha is the only one that kept having it reported and deleted because she didn't like what was being said. She can always dish it out but never take it and sends her fishies off to cyberbully another person. 

Many YouTubers have dedicated fans that want to protect them so they result to cyberbullying. But Youtubers know that this is dangerous and go the extra mile to make videos stating how it isn't okay and how it needs to stop.

Trisha on the show Celebrity Big Brother threatens Sam, her housemate to not say anything bad about her in the diary room later on stating:"If i watch on this show that you were fake after we have these conversations. I will go on YouTube and talk about you so much and say how much of a fucking asshole you are. So don't say shit behind my back because just know i have a fucking voice on YouTube and guess what your Instagram will have to be shut down because guess what every boyfriend i have ever had has had to shut down their Instagram because of hate comments. Every single one of them." When she was later confronted by Big Brother in the diary room, Trisha denies everything and states "I was drunk" to take the blame off herself.  She's giving the wrong impression to young men and women that it's okay to cyberbully people and make people feel terrible as long as you call it trolling. Why any company would want to have her under their name, i don't know.

Sign this petition to help end her contract with YouTube and any other company. 

This woman needs to be off YouTube and stop her promotion of hate on the internet to impressionable young adults and children. 

YouTube we have a group of parents and it’s a pretty big number of people and if something isn’t done about her soon we will be taking all our evidence we have been collecting over the last 8 years and filing a lawsuit against you..