Get Trisha Paytas/Blndsundoll4mj/Trishlikefish88 off ALL social media platforms.

Get Trisha Paytas/Blndsundoll4mj/Trishlikefish88 off ALL social media platforms.

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Mad Person started this petition to Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki and




To whom it may concern, 

You've allowed you platforms to become very toxic and dangerous for your creators and their fan base. You've allowed somebody like Trisha Paytas come on here and cause all kinds of unnecessary drama and you PAY her to do it.  This woman spouts racist, homophobic, and all-around disgusting things that if anyone else said it they would be ridiculed and targeted. Her YouTube career has been a joke. She's well known for being a domestic abuser, r@ping her partners, sexual assaulting/harassing people on and offline. In many of my updates attached to this petition you will see some of the harassment. otherwise all you have to do is a simple google search of name and you will see it all. All the awful behavior that you've all allowed for so long,

She glamorizes manipulative relationships and domestic violence. She has stated in her videos that she has threatened suicide or started altercations to prevent a boyfriend from leaving or to force him to come over to take care of her. This behavior to a child or young adult can be seen as appealing or ideal which is harmful because it is making abusive relationships seem normal.

She promotes incest stating on numerous occasions that if her father wasn't her father she would date him and that she has had sex dreams about her brother. She like to spread around that incest is normal. She has said in a tweet, "I don't get it. when I was a kid I DREAMED of getting molested by Woody Allen! Bitch STFU!" She has said how upset she is that she does not get to use the n-word and how people need to stop being so "sensitive"

She has used suicide and drama to get more views on her music videos and her merch sales. Almost daily she uses mental health issues as an excuse for every bad thing that she does. She been claiming over the last few years that she has been diagnosed with multiple mental illness including DID, Bipolar, schizophrenia, borderline and many more. Then so goes on harassing and making fun of others that have mental illnesses. While she's making fun of these people and making up lies her fanbase goes and harasses that person to the point that either lock down their social medias or end up in a hospital for their own mental health. She attacks for days sometimes even months at a time. I can't tell you how many people that she has done this to but at this point in 15 years of her being on youtube it has to be at least in the triple digits. This is not ok. 

Trisha loves to saying hurtful things but whenever a drama channel or a person on Twitter says anything negative to her, she threatens to have them sued by her lawyers or she just goes and put claims on all of their videos so that she would get their revenue for all their hard work. Even when the videos and other information is fair use.

This woman needs to be off YouTube and stop her promotion of hate on the internet to impressionable young adults and children too many people are getting hurt by her because of her jealousy and her need for constant attention.

Sign this petition to help end her contract with YouTube and any other company that is working with her. 

Stand up again this bully for the safety of others.

If your going to ban other people for  breaking your terms and conditions then you need to do the same thing to Trisha as she has done it many times over the last 15 years. Stop playing favorites and ban her and her multiple channels. 



Check out the petition to ban her Fiancé Moses as well.

I really hope that you do the right thing and listen to all of us that support your businesses.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!
At 150,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!