Get "ssoyoung" off YouTube immediately

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Ssoyoung is a youtube channel with over 3 million subscribers. Among regular and strange mukbang videos, the woman who runs the channel also makes horrific videos where she eats animals while they are still alive and struggling to escape. 

Not only that, but before eating any of these animals she makes sure to torture them and in the few cases where she does decide to kill the animals before consuming them, she does it in the most inhumane way possible. For example, ripping the hoods of of squids and laughing at them as they slowly die on her counter. Or letting sharks flop around on her floor as she screams and laughs about it. All before eating all of it for her "content". 

Her videos are without any doubt animal abuse and torture.

It's horrific that this is allowed on the YouTube platform, and with her being allowed to keep going I see this as the only way to make the abuse stop.

Please sign this petition and report her channel. No animal deserves to be treated like a piece of entertainment.