Get Paolo Tomenes Youtube Channel back to him

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At February 9, 2020, we were shocked that Paolo Tomenes Youtube Channel no longer exists. It was changed into the name of Exodus Wallet which shows a Live video feed of two men talking about a new crypto currency which is totally not related to Paolo Tomenes' channel at any form.

Paolo Tomenes' video contents are usually about shoes bought from thrift shops and secret shops around Manila, Philippines. And restoring old shoes to new ones and some are about his daily life. Which gained him a popularity reaching almost half a million Youtube Subscribers for a span of almost 3 years. (he started this Youtube Channel since 2017)

All of Paolo Tomenes' Youtube videos were gone but the playlist names (without the videos) from his Youtube channel still exists together with the contents from the "Community" Tab on his channel proving that it was Paolo Tomenes' Youtube channel. 

We, his followers and subscribers, from the Philippines and some parts of the world, are appealing to Youtube to please help Paolo Tomenes recover his Youtube Channel back.


update [February 9, 2020]: subscribe to Paolo Tomenes' new Youtube channel

but we're still in hope of getting his old Youtube Channel back. Please keep sharing this petition and let more of his fans sign in it.