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Forgive Logan Paul and allow him to keep his YouTube channel

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Logan Paul has been receiving alot of backlash over the last 48 hours, this is wrong as stated in an apology video that Logan Paul uploaded he states that he is sorry, and yet people still hate on him like what else do they expect him to do ? He knows what he did was bad and he recognised that and deleted the video and went the extra mile to create the apology video. Logan Paul states in his vlog that it was never his intention to hurt or harm anyone and made the vlog revolve around suicide prevention and even includes a number to call at the end of his video. Currently people have been reuploading the video to show people what he did even though he apologized and removed the video, but with people reuploading the video they are not helping the situation and are no better than Logan Paul, people also cannot grasp the fact that this is in the past and also as one of the main causes of suicide is receiving hate online so the people that are hating on Logan Paul have no right to criticize  and hate on him because by doing this you are not helping the situation your just making it worse. And if you have any doubts Logan Paul's channel is aimed at comedy and because of the situation he he tried to make light of that situation and in doing so proceeded to laugh simply because he probably didint know how to react so he instinctively went to laughter again to make light of the serious situation not knowing that it would cause all this unnecessary hatred. THIS IS A BACKUP FOR IF LOGAN PAULS CHANNEL GETS THREATEND TO BE TAKEN DOWN.

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