Fix YouTube Appeals Process #FixYouTubeAppeals

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Allow YouTubers to have fair and open appeals for Community Guidelines Strikes.

I've been a YouTuber since August of 2007 and just recently have had an eye opening experience concerning being targeted on YouTube and the Strikes process being used against my channel to shut it down.

And this is why I've started this "Petition to YouTube" to bring awareness that the Appeal Process must be updated for all YouTubers to match the advancements in online content delivery technology.

The Appeals Process seems to be stuck in 2005 and doesn't look like it has been update due to a 200 characters limit in the appeals box and you cannot appeal again regardless if it's a false strike.

YouTube's systems have become automated and is open for abuse in false flagging content and channels by unsavory organizations and/or individuals. The vast majority of people hit by community guidelines strikes don't have the power to pressure YouTube to undo the mistakes.

YouTube is a business model of distributing video content, and creators are the manufacturers of the content, revenue is generated via advertising on the content and is split between Google and the creator, this is a very clear business partnership.

Three strikes and your channel may or may not be completely deleted off the platform, never to be seen again. Possibly years of work gone with a push of a button or automated BOT, this isn't the correct way to treat a business partner.

Some examples (suggestions) of improvements to the appeal process.

  1. No Double Jeopardy (Convicted Twice) on the same video, once a video has been reviewed for a Community Guidelines infraction and a Strike has been removed and/or the video has been put into an "Age Restricted Status" based on Community Guidelines it should be grandfathered and protected from any further actions against the creator.
  2. If the change to Community Guidelines is so drastic that videos once approved can not be approved or are not acceptable on the platform anymore, the content is to be locked on "Private" and NO strikes or warnings issued to the creator and/or channel.
  3. The current 200 characters including spaces for appealing a Community Guidelines infraction is not adequate, a creator can not properly defend their content or channel which could represent years of hard work within the 200 characters, this should be a minimum of 1,000 characters.
  4. This 1st appeal really shouldn't the only chance to save your content or channel, there should be an option to have it reviewed again by a different set of eyes at the Community Guidelines Review Team, people have bad days it's human nature, sometimes in life it's good to have a 2nd opinion on matters of importance, and deleting content and/or a channel should not to be taken lightly or impersonal.
  5. The "3rd Strike" this is an area which requires the biggest update, to simply delete a channel completely on the 3rd strike is border line cruel and unusual psychological punishment to a creator.
  6. YouTube has the ability to simply lock all the videos on the channel to "Private", destroying years of hard passionate work of a creator is no way a "Business Partner" should be treated.
  7. The 3rd strike should automatically get you the right to submit a 2,000 character appeal defending yourself and your channel's content while your content is locked on "Private".
  8. And if your appeal on your 3rd strike is unsuccessful you should receive a clear understandable explanation of why your appeal has been rejected, not cut and past links to the very general and vague Community Guidelines pages. 

Recently YouTube rolled out new guidelines on the Adsense Partnership Program, namely 4,000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

If a channel has qualified for the Partnership Program they are obviously taking the business relationship with YouTube serious, and are either making their living off of YouTube or plan on building a brand on YouTube to accomplish some type of financial reward which both the Creator and YouTube benefit from.

  1. A channel that is part of the Partnership Program that receives a 3rd strike should automatically qualify for a proper hearing to determine the fate of their Business Partnership with YouTube.
  2. Upon receiving the 3rd strike all content on the creators channel is locked to "Private" and not deleted.
  3. Creator is allowed to submit a 2,000 character and/or a video up to 10 minutes in length appeal defending his content and channel which should be reviewed within 7 calendar days.
  4. If the 1st appeal above is unsuccessful, the creator should have the option for a proper hearing for a 2nd appeal, while his content is still locked on "Private".
  5. This 2nd appeal on the 3rd strike would be scheduled within 30 calendar days and held via a 15 minute Google+ hangout with a YouTube panel or a different YouTube employee on the Community Guidelines Review Team. 

The above are just my suggestions based on my recent experience dealing with the YouTube appeals process and trying to defend over 7 years worth of videos (3,800) and watching a business I've spent the last 4.5 years 7 days a week building feeding the homeless get deleted literally over night. 

The current appeals system is a kin to getting a text message from your employer on the way to work which you've served faithfully for years, that you're fired and all your belongs in your desk and/or locker have been destroyed, and if you show up at the business the police will be waiting for you, locked and loaded.