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All because OF You! Thanks to You, My Subscribers and Fans I have been able to make YouTube my Job to help support me and my 2 year old Daughter Ryleigh, Yes i make money on Youtube and have been since 2012, its a way of life, HOWEVER There are many Haters, Faceless Trolls, Critics and People in general who are jealous, mad and are salty of what ive accomplished and want to see me gone, and cancelled from youtube FOREVER, they want to see me homeless and fail , these people DO NOT care if my channel gets shut down then i am out of a job and i can no longer support a life, or a family with me and my daughter, the YouTube money i make goes to me and my daughter and towards bills, rent, food etc, i need to feed my daughter!. Without Youtube its over, its done, the haters will win and the Seanzviewent Revolution Ends,.....UNLESS you STEP UP RIGHT NOW AND HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD & Sign and share this! After reaching 100,000 Subscribers In summer 2017 on Youtube we need to share this Petition like wildfire all over social media, facebook,twitter Etc.  Its VERY SIMPLE For the people who do NOT like my videos and what i present, or if you DO NOT like me in general for WHATEVER reason all they have to do is NOT CLICK my videos, i NEVER once threatened or MADE someone watch my videos, ITS UP TO YOU at the end of the day on what you decide to watch and click. i never FORCED you to do anything. i NEVER hurt or harmed you in person.  i NEVER once tried to do any sorts of violence to you against you or your family, i NEVER once TRIED to take YOUR JOB away from you, i NEVER once tried TO TAKE FOOD AND SHELTER FROM You, your sons daughters or family, i NEVER ONCE TRIED TO GET YOU FIRED FROM YOUR JOB, but NOW you want to do that to me? You want to see to it that im gone from youtube forever! so im out of a job that i love and im passionate about,  NAH I Don't Think SO!, its NOT my fault you could not make youtube your job, And now that you made my daughter apart of this it's on! Its Personal , You Never EVER try to take away from My daughter! This has become real serious, real fast. I have never ever been more serious in my life! 

** If you watch seanzviewent on youtube, then you know how Loyal, Driven and NON Stop i am with all my video uploads, however you also know how much time & effort that i put into what i do every day as well, not just daily OR Weekly BUT I Upload MANY videos in a day EVERY day or atleast i TRY to depending on the WWE news rumors & topics for the day! When i say i work around the clock, i really do just that! 

*** I am Fully Loaded With Passion & Dedication to the Max to make this work along with you the fans and viewers! My Subscribers will ALWAYS play a MAJOR role in my progress on Youtube and hopefully leading to Youtube becoming my full time job.

The Subscribers & Viewers can NOW control The Fate of Seanzviewent on Youtube in this Epic interactive way. This will take a combined solid effort to get the job done. I never said i could do this alone. Please Sign Share and LET IT BE KNOWN THAT NOBODY CAN STOP THE SEANZVIEW UNIVERSE! 

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SeanzViewEnt On Youtube needs your help with “Youtube : DO NOT DELETE..........Delete SeanzViewEnt FROM YOUTUBE! STAND UP NOW & HAVE VOICE HEARD!”. Join SeanzViewEnt and 861 supporters today.