YouTube should enable monetization for Climate State

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On January 31th 2019, YouTube demonetized the Climate State channel, citing reused content guidelines.

Climate State creates content for over 28,500 subscribers to counter the orchestrated attempts by special interests to cast doubt on climate science.

In order to comply with YouTube's reused content policy we have deleted so far over 900 videos from the channel. There are now roughly 80 videos left!

Most YouTube climate change videos 'oppose the consensus view'

Because, YouTube continues to reject our request to run advertisements on our extensive edited climate related videos - even though we have deleted hundreds of videos, we ask YouTube to communicate to us which of the remaining videos are at issue - have no educational value.

However, we think that the videos on the Climate State YouTube channel have educational value, hence, YouTube should enable monetization.


YouTube enabled monetization in August 2019 for three weeks, only to disable it again after three weeks, then in December 2019, again disabled by someone in January. Subsequent uploads were fully in compliance with YouTube policy, watch them here to get an idea of what Climate State produces  


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