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Delete Logan Pauls Youtube Channel

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Logan Paul's recent video of where he was in Japans suicide forest and filmed a dead body and jokes about it disturbs a lot of viewers. 

Human make mistakes that's right. 

But how many mistakes were made in this video ? 

1. Going to the suicide forest and film it. 

2. Finding a dead body and film it. 

3. Standing infront of the dead person and laugh and joke about it.

Note: Yes, he talked about depression and suicide and that people should get help. But it did not change the fact that he's standing infront of someone who ended his life and start joking around.


I'm not a hater nor a fan. But his account is in the news daily. Not for good reasons. 

I'm sorry for the viewers who had to saw this and to the family and friends of the person in the forest. 


If you have problems and feel alone please call the hotline 08001110111

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