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Delete Logan Paul's YouTube Channel

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Earlier today, Logan Paul posted a disturbing YouTube video of him and his friends taking a trip to Aokigahara. During this trip, they found someone who had just committed suicide and proceeded to film it, make jokes about it, and upload it for millions to watch. Not once was there any consideration for the man who took his own life or his family that most likely weren't even aware that this tragedy had happened to someone they loved. All that went through Logan Paul's mind was the selfish and mindless thought that this would make for interesting content.

Paul's recent apology was typed on an app on his phone and probably took less than ten minutes. He is planning to move on as if this never happened and that is simply not okay. If no one had said anything, he would have never even known how terrible this video was. Before being deleted, the video was trending with hundreds of likes from obtuse viewers that didn't think twice about the horrifying situation about to unfold, because most of them are children. Children shouldn't be exposed to something this dark just because their favorite YouTuber uploaded a new video and they decided to watch it.

The deletion of his YouTube account is a mild punishment for what he has done. He exposed the suicide of a man he didn't know to unknowing children and then proceeded to apologize in a manner that didn't mention anyone but himself. Someone with a mind this narrow and ignorant doesn't deserve to have a platform this size. Nothing will be done if we don't do something about it. This situation can only get worse and terrible actions need terrible consequences.

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