Delete Logan Paul's YouTube Channel ローガンポールのチャンネル削除署名

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Logan paul has gotten away with a lot of stuff. He took it way to far this time.
Logan paul has uploaded a vlog today of him going up to a body in Japan's suicide forest, a body of a hanging man. All he did was blur the deceased man's face out. He got close to the body and told the camera how the skin was "blue" while showing the skin.
He then joked about the whole thing and talked about how it was the top 5th crazy thing to have had happen to him this year.
It's not about YOU, Logan Paul. A man who had family and friends chose to end his life, and you chose to share his death to your millions of followers without thinking about how his family/friends felt? It's disgusting and shouldn't be tolerated. But with the power of the internet I think we can get rid of this scumbag once and for all, with your help of signing this petition it could lead to deleting his entire channel!


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