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Jake Paul, a Youtuber and social media influencer with over 13 million subscribers, has gotten way with a lot of stuff. From dragging and being racist towards his SUPPORTIVE fans to being a hassle around the people around him. 

Jake Paul is constantly uploading videos that should not be viewed by children who are younger than 18. He puts his girlfriend, Erika Costell in thumbnails, where she is barely wearing any clothes. Not only does he do that, but he consistently clickbaits, as he is not receiving the large amount of views that he use to get (15 million to 2 million/day) A lot of his content that is posted onto Youtube involve dangerous and illegal stunts, like creating a fire in his pool or sneaking into places after closing. Do you want your children to see this and think that it is okay? 

Mr. Paul is also the CEO of Team 10, a social media group of people that helps each other grow. Multiple members that left has made videos saying that Jake is a abusive and a dreadful person. The Martinez twins, Emilio and Ivan, who left in Nov 2017 stated in a video " Jake, you are a bully" . The twins said that Jake would make fun of them on a daily basis and refer to them as beaner, a derogatory term for Mexicans. This is only one statement made by previous members of Team 10. There are various ex-members, like Alissa Violet, Neels Viser, Max Beaumont and Ray Diaz who has also stated that Jake is a BULLY.

He has continually made “music” throwing shade towards people and/or trying to rap, which he clearly can’t. He goes around screaming and disturbing the peace around him. He breaks stuff that should be broken and goes around throwing stuff.

I hope that after reading this, you have realized how much of a douchebag Jake Joseph Paul is. Please sign this petition and get his youtube channel removed. So, your grandkids, daughters and sons will not learn to become someone as horrible as him. Thank you !




If you’ve read this far, I would like to say that all this was a joke. We see only what Jake has decided to put onto the internet. It is quick to believe everything that runs around the web and what others make him to be as. It’s easy to put the bad stuff on Jake, but we don’t talk about the good that he has done. He’s made peoples “ Make a Wish “ wish come true, thousands of people smile, donated to charity, helped out at various events and many more. After reading this, I hope that what you take away is not everything you hear on the internet is truthful/correct and  that there is two sides to every story. 

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