Delete and Ban Logan Paul from YouTube Permanently

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Logan Paul is loud mouthed, disrespectful, ignorant, shameless, arrogant and insensitive 22 year old YouTuber whose blatant disrespect for humanity and vulgarity should not be allowed to be available on social media where thousands of ignorant youngsters are swooning over his grimy hair, rude language, inappropriate songs  about "riding your girlfriend" and pointless ramblings.

Logan Paul crossed the line with his shockingly insensitive and disrespectful video in Japan and yet WHY has he not yet been permanently banned from YouTube? WHY is his channel still active? WHY has his disgusting laughing in the suicide forest video not been deleted? WHY are children still watching his videos and WHY are parents allowing this?

Parents need to be aware of the kind of content that are influencing our children and the uncivilised drop-outs that they idolise. We need to STEP UP AND DO SOMETHING since the social media platforms have not! 

Logan Paul needs to be taken off YouTube and banned permanently. He is setting a disgraceful example and should not be allowed the use of this platform to further corrupt young children with his cocky idiocy.

Our children need better role models and Logan Paul IS NOT ONE OF THEM.